Mutually beneficial cooperation

What gets your company is mentioned in section “What do you get?”. Our benefits and what can be achieved for society is mentioned here.

What do we get?

  • Your financial contribution or a material gift will allow us to continue our activities, to improve services and build new necessary part of the project.

  • Your experience and active involvement will enrich the project and its further development.

  • We will get closer to independence and sustainability of the project.

  • You will help to promote our organization and its activities, and popularize the topic to the Czech public.

What does the society get?

In the Czech Republic – Awareness of the situation in the world and the need to meaningfully participate and assist those most in need right in their environment – to awaken solidarity and humanity. Information about developing world within the context of the current world situation and the problems that affect us directly.

In Kenya – Improving living conditions for the entire community on one island – access to proper health care and prevention, quality education for children from the poorest families, providing home, health care and education to hundreds of orphans, the introduction of new sustainable technologies not only in agriculture, job creation especially for women and the prevention of negative phenomena arising from reasons of economic dependency and the inferior role of women in society (prostitution, violence, sexual abuse, AIDS epidemics, etc.). Respectful and non-violent approach to children and students breaks down old myths and stray customs. Local people will be more open-minded, confident and creative. Community gets self-sufficiency and improved education and health care. Bad habits and harmful stereotypes disappear and dependence on developed world reduces.

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