Media campaign of Centre Narovinu

Through Education towards a Universal Human Nation“ or Africa by uncommon eyes.

As we have already informed you in the last issue of the bulletin, the grant of European Union supported a great spot campaign of Centre Narovinu.

In September materials in Kenya on Rusinga Island were shot, the screenplay was being improved and it was dealt with all TV channels on the Czech market.

During October we managed to cut a few-hour long video for 30 seconds. Finally we offer 2 spots, one on the topic Education, the other Water.

The aim of the spots and campaign is to address the wide public and inform about developing aims of millennium and last but not least about our specific projects of citizen association as a part of developing help.

Spots were released 1.12. on TV Pětka and from 8.12. on TV Óčko. TV Barrandov continued 10.12. and the end of December will be with TV Prima. We thank a lot to all these channels for support and help and possibility to broadcast a large amount of spots for non-commercial prices. Completely there are 60 spots on TV Pětka, 40 on TV Óčko, 60 on TV Barrandov and 100 on TV Prima including the channels Prima Cool nad Prima Family. We are including a detail of broadcasting of all times in the attachment.

Centre Narovinu decided to support this TV campaign also in other mass media. We asked professionals from the branch of media and so that is why our spots will appear in multiplexes Cinestar. There will be broadcasted in the week from 13.12. 2 460 spots in total in Prague, Hradec Králové, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav, Opava, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň and Zlín.

At the same time we created spots on the same issue for radios, we sent press information and texts to various newspapers and magazines and we will also appear in a few TV programmes. We will monitor all these and will publicize on our web pages or in January bulletin.

TV spots can be see on youtube: Education / Education (Czech) and Water / Water (Czech).

Next promotional materials (radio spots, advertising banners, info texts, advertisements...) can be downloaded in the attachment. Please send it forward. We will be glad for any other cooperation and help with promotion :)

We would like to thank all participating companies, subjects as well as individuals for great help and support, without your initiative and interest in developing issues and our projects we could not manage so many interesting performances. In the context of advertising market it was a funny amount of money, for us a huge media campaign with irrecoverable experience. That is why we are tightly expecting what reactions and specific results it will bring and what cooperation and doors will be open for future.

For Centre Narovinu

Simona Heřtusová


Video spots download:

» Education
» Education (Czech)
» Water
» Water (Czech)

» Spots in archive (large files)


Ken – questions (doc)39 KB
Victor – questions (doc)32 KB
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Czech article: Lékařkou v Keni (docx)16.07 KB
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Czech article: Rozhovor s Kenem (docx)21.66 KB
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Czech article: Školákem v Keni (docx)16.69 KB
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Czech article: Voda pro Kauti (docx)15.71 KB
Czech article: Za „adoptivní dcerou“ do Afriky (docx)19.34 KB
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