Adoption - Salome Awino

Child number: 41296
Child removed from adoption
City, quarter: Nairobi Huruma
State: Kenya
Mother: -
Father: -
Guardian: Margaret Nganyi, Vegetable Seller
Description of the situation: Salome Awino was born on 4th March 2001 in Huruma, Nairobi. She stays with her aunt, and she is an orphan child. Her aunt sells vegetables. Her aunt has got also her children to take care of. They stay in rental house one roomed and two dependants. They use stove for cooking, electricity for lighting and tap water for drinking and washing, which they buy from water vendors.Monthly average net income is Kshs: 6,000/. She likes helping at home and attends school poerty club. She would like to be a psychiatrist when she grows up.In 2018 she should attend the 3rd class of high school.
Contact: Hana Jodasová, hana.jodasova@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 777 831 836

The project of remote support „Adoptions of African children“ mediates an access to education for poor Kenyan children without pulling them out of their natural environment and community. This project has been running since 2002 and has helped more than 3500 children. The basic sponsoring fee amounts to 7200 CZK (300 EUR) a year.

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