Looking back at NGO market

  On Friday 11th May Center Narovinu took part in 13. NGO Market in National Technical Library in Prague 6.  As a part of the programme we organised a discussion „Africa unusually“  with a topic of necessity of education and developing projects in Kenya, which focus on access to education and health care.


Willy´s visit

We thank a lot for help organising a meeting with Willy, we really enjoyed our visit. One mening we sent an sms to Mr. Ngome and just the next day he gave us a lift. He was very nice, willing and pleasant. He was also able to manage Willy to move from school home very quickly.  We went by matatu with Mr. Ngome and then by motorcycles, we set off in the morning and after a stop in a shop and a bank we were at Willy in the afternoon. 


Meeting Doris

Good morning,  Mrs Feminová, we have just returned back from holiday in Kenya. Thank you for help with organising our visit of school in Mombasa. The whole visit went smoothly, the director and Doris came for us to our hotel, after visiting the school They toured us through Mombasa. They are awesome people, the visit at school was our strongest experience from the whole holiday. 


Publishing of the contract – Building of the orphanage on Rusinga Island in Kenya

The organisation NAROVINU realizes a project of a health centre on Rusinga Island on Victoria Lake in western part of Kenya, which is in process since May 2010. During that time we treated 9 700 patients, made 5 700 laboratory examinations, vaccinated 7 000 children. 141 babies were born until today here.  From October 2011 to September 2013 we gained a grant MZV SR – Slovakaid to run the hospital, which covers the costs for medical material, medicaments, staff of local nurses. In cooperation with College of St. Elizabeth we organise missions of our doctors. 


The coordinator of developing projects will come to the Czech Republic

We warmly invite you for a meeting with Peter Otieno from Kenya. As a part of the project „Africa by uncommon eyes - Through education towards a universal human nation“ one of our colleagues from Nairobi – Peter Otieno – will visit the Czech and Slovak Republic in a few days.


Food help – distribution

We started the distribution on Saturday 24. of september through to Sunday 25. of september. The experience was very touching more so when I was talking directly to the families and they dint expect that we would provide them with such amount of food.


Collection – food help

After my return from Kenya, I would like to share my impressions and information from the situation which could be seen in TV news recently. As you probably know, some parts of Kenya have been affected by long lasting draught which has caused famine – hundreds of thousands of people suffer from lack of water and food.
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This is not valid: No money, no health service, honey!

The poor and helpless people in the fight against diseases on a Lake Victoria island are not alone with their health trouble any more. Medical centre opening on Rusinga Island has been the last project of Centre Narovinu Island of Hope.