3. Story of a supported child: Introducing Bonface

Bonface goes to our primary school of the Island of Hope and with him you can look into a gym class and a computer room. Bonface's mother has several jobs to take care of her four children… The Long Distance Adoption project helps her a lot.
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PF 2021

Dear adoptive parents, dear supporters and friends of the Centrum Narovinu, we wish you a peaceful rest of the year 2020 and a lot of health, joy and satisfaction in the year 2021. We really appreciate you supporting us even in this difficult time and we look forward to another year together, Your Centrum Narovinu
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We are celebrating the 18th birthday of Adoption of African Children with beautiful stories

The Distance Adoption project celebrated the age of majority in 2020 – beautiful eighteenths. We were preparing a celebration, but the situation was not good for the celebration… So we celebrated with beautiful online stories. Every week, since November, we have published one story of a supported child and one story “Thank you for your support.” We will introduce eighteen supported children – and we will look at the places where the families live, we will see what the schools look like, where children go, what children do in their free time and what families live on… And in eighteen stories “Thank you for your support” we will introduce you the adoptive parents, volunteers and project supporters who support this children’s education in Kenya.
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Supporting education makes sense… Will you join in too?

As part of the program of African Child Adoption – Long Distance Support Project, you can support the youngest children from kindergarten and help them go through the entire education system and enjoy a carefree childhood. You can also find children from different primary school classes who have lost their adoptive parents or high school students who are looking for adoptive parents to complete their secondary education. We also support young mothers who have studied very well and would like to complete higher education so that they have a chance to get a better job and take better care of their children.


SDGs Awards Accelerator

In September 2020, we were given the opportunity to join the SDGs Awards Accelerator and multiply the positive impact of the Island of Hope community center, which we run in Kenya. Out of 30 registered organizations, we got between 10 and on Monday December 7 we presented the project to the jury and got among the 5 projects that will be supported as part of the acceleration.
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1. Story of a supported child: Introducing Brenda

Brenda goes to our Island of Hope High School. Do you know what she enjoys most at school and what she would like to become one day? In the story, you also look at the house where Brenda lives, how the traditionally cook looks like and what the surroundings of Lake Victoria looks like. Brenda has been in our program since kindergarten and is very grateful for the support. She is also very happy to communicate with the adoptive parent, with whom they exchange letters and photos… Will you join too? www.CenterNarovinu.org
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1. story: Introducing the founders of the Centrum Narovinu Dana and Simona

The organization was founded in 1995, the first trips to Kenya took place in 2000, and today you can still find them in the office, at discussions, sales booths, seminars in Kenya with a smile on their faces and optimism that MAKES SENSE. Dana is in charge of projects in Kenya, mainly the Island of Hope community center on Rusinga Island, which is visited daily by over 500 children and which also includes the clinic… Simona takes care of the charity events, projects in schools and the Fair Trade. Together they motivate volunteers and look for new sponsors so that projects supporting education and health care can work…


News from Kenya for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents, We hope you are all fine. We would like to provide you with up-to-date information from Kenya regarding the children's studies and the sending of packages. In Kenya, an examination regime has been in force since 18th October – there are only the 4th and 8th grades of primary schools and the 4th grades of secondary schools currently in schools due to school testing and transitions to further levels of education.


Collections “support of the Island of Hope Clinic”

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT to the Avast Foundation and all the friends of the Centrum Narovinu who have supported medical care to people on Rusinga Island in Kenya in recent months.
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Collection „rescue food packages“

THANK YOU to all adoptive parents and friends of the Centrum Narovinu, the distribution of food packages is successfully over. ❤️ We are glad that together with the Nairobi office and volunteers in Kenya we managed to react immediately and realize the collection. Buying food was really the most important help we could give to children and families in Kenya during the pandemic.
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Bulletin – September 2020 (printed version for download)

Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? * Introducing new support for our Nairobi office * Club of Friends of Adoption * Interesting extra payments * How do students of Island of Hope evaluate their school? * Thank you for your financial contributions to the collections * The collection for Ruth was successful, the girl is healed * Cooperation with the Centrum Narovinu * We are looking for new volunteers *
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Dear Alice, you will always live in our hearts and memories!

Thank you for all your positive energy, kindness, passion for the education, your friendship and your smart work that was an inspiration for everyone.
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Nairobi office director Ken Okongo on the current situation in Kenya

What are our children's families experiencing in the Distance Adoption program? What are the effects of the covid-19 pandemic in Kenya? Was food distribution the best way we could support Kenyan families?
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Ruth is healed

We share a wonderful message from Kenya – Ruth is healed ❤️ She was on a full examination on Friday and received the results today… Thanks to all the friends who contributed to her treatment, mentally supported her and thought about her all the time. Ruth has a smile on his face again. ☺


Collection to support Pius family

On Saturday, May 23, our friend Pius Mudiwo Oloo died suddenly at the age of 46. We would like to help the family of our long-term volunteer and express our thanks for his great cooperation and support of Centrum Narovinu. Pius was from Komenya in the Siaya area and was the eldest son of an 8-member family. He then lived in Nairobi. As a volunteer coordinator of the Distant Adoption project in our organization, he worked for over 4 years and cared for children from different parts of Kenya, especially from Siaya and the Kibera slum in Nairobi.
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Current fundraising campaigns of Centre Narovinu for direct help in Kenya

The whole situation in Kenya is quite troublesome – the number of infected people is growing. The schools will stay closed at least till the end of May, there is a curfew in place, capital cities are closed and many people have lost all of their income while there is no social security system in place. On top of that, Kenya is dealing with flooding and grasshopper invasion that have a very negative effect on the harvest. We can´t even imagine, how many families and children in Kenya currently suffer from hunger. Health and access to basic foods is  is really the most important thing at the moment, which is why we have announced two collections to directly help people in Kenya:
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Information on the current situation in Kenya not just for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents, we have received many questions from you and we understand that you are worried about your adopted children. We all find ourselves in a very demanding and uncertain time, which is all the more difficult for the countries, which had struggled with poverty long before this crises started. Now that we have held an online meeting with our colleagues from the Nairobian office, with whom we discussed the current state of affairs in Kenya and the way we can help our children in this difficult time, we bring you an update on the whole situation.
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The big THANK YOU for donation for the ISLAND OF HOPE Clinic

Dear friends, we would like to thank you very much for the support. Before Easter, we managed to collect 50 000 CZK and we used these for the listed below:


Coronavirus in Kenya – Collection for the Island of Hope Clinic

In connection with this situation, we also announce a COLLECTION for the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island. This is the only functional clinic on the island, and we would like to support it by purchasing additional protective equipment, oxygen bombs and masks, enough medicines and, if the situation so requires, additional staff. This would prepare us for a time when it will be necessary to help a large number of people in the area as quickly as possible.


Coronavirus in Kenya

Dear adoptive parents and dear supporters and friends of the Center Narovinu, we would like to inform you about the latest developments in Kenya. In connection with this difficult situation, we decided to take several measures: At this time, we strongly DISCLAIM sending packages and letters by mail. * If you want to support your child in this difficult situation, you can send EXTRA PAYMENT for food, hygiene and medical devices. * Another way you can support the health of "your" children is HEALTH INSURANCE. * In connection with this situation, we also announce a COLLECTION for the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island.
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The operation of Center Narovinu office is limited

Dear adoptive parents, dear supporters, and dear friends of Center Narovinu, Center Narovinu employees will work from home as a part of the anti-coronavirus measures. If you need to meet us in the Prague office, please contact us, and we will arrange a meeting in person.
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Thank you, donation for Ruth we have successfully finished

We thank all the amazing people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kenya for their great support and help. To date, we have collected the necessary amount for Ruth. If we can also arrange support from Kenya's NHIF insurance and the Faraja Cancer Center, not only the entire treatment but also all the necessary expenses (stay in Nairobi all the time, travel expenses, food, etc.) will be reimbursed, which would otherwise burden the family. We will continuously communicate detailed information from the treatment as well as the drawing of finances.
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Bulletin – February 2020 (printed version for download)

We are looking for new coordinators for project of Long Distance Adoption * Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? * The Importance of Health Insurance for Children in Kenya  * Extra Payments * How do students of Island of Hope evaluate their school, which is different from regular schools in Kenya? * Summary of the 2019 KCSE results * Remarks of volunteers and adoptive parents from their trip to Kenya
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Donation for Ruth

Dear adoptive parents and everyone who support Centrum Narovinu, as we are currently collecting  donation for Ruth, we would like to ask you for help.  Eighteen years old Ruth suffers of cancer and her family does not have enough finances to start her medical therapy.


Another beautiful story of Mitchelle

Thank you for helping us.  ❤️
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We present the story of Daughty

Look with us into the girl's home environment and the high school she attends. Promoting education makes sense! The closest school start date is January. Please pass it on… Thank you for helping us. ❤️
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PF 2020

Dear adoptive parents, friends and fans of Centrum Narovinu. Thank you for all your support which we appreciate very much. We wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year filled with joy, love and happiness. Looking forward to another year spent together. Your Centrum Narovinu
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Peterson successfully graduated from university. The feeling of joy and pride of the adoptive parent was enormous.

You will certainly agree with me that the feeling of joy and pride is probably justified! My wife and I would like to thank you for the work that allowed us to help one African person to change his life fundamentally! Perhaps we can not quite well imagine how.


We present the stories of Everlyne and Danson

Promoting education makes sense! Support the Distance Adoption program and send one of the children to school from January.
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