15 years of AdopceAfrika.cz – Stories of adoptive parents, children, and volunteers from the program

On the occasion of the Day of Africa (May 25th) we started a campaign of moving stories of Adoption of African children – project of long-distance support. Every day, we share one story of either adoptive parents, children, or volunteers from the program. The campaign will finish on Sunday Jun 18th, when a multicultural festival Narovinu Afrika Fest will take place, on Cargo ship on the bank of the Vltava river in Prague. We chose Jun 18th as it comes shortly after the Day of African Child, which is celebrated on the Jun 16th. It makes a difference – every child on this planet deserves a chance at a dignified life.

» We present the story of Denis

» Another beautiful story of Mitchelle

» We present the story of Daughty

» We present the stories of Everlyne and Danson

» Introducing the story of Regina

» Story of Huldy

»  Introducing the story of Antony

» French fries true story – the long-distance adoption helps entire families

» Story of Maureen

» Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the project AdopceAfrika.cz

» Twenty-year-old Franciscah Ayako Amwai describes the experience with the program…

» Journey to Island of Hope and visiting my adoptive son Cindy

» Story 15 years old

» Adoptive parents Petra and Radek received a video greeting from their Belinda

» Thanks to the project I did not feel forgotten

» The project solves not only education, but also health and social needs

» The project has changed me a lot, changed my life and helped me a lot.

» We appreciate the fact that we have been in the project for so many years together

» A meeting with an adoptive parent is always a big experience. And not just for the adopted child...

» The Club of The Long distance Adoption was created on Fler and supports Susan and Simon

» I started adoptions at a long distance at college in 2002

» Phaustine´s parents named their daughter Vivian Lenka

» My journey to adoption

» Adoptive parent and adopter coordinator in one person

» We wanted to offer a helping hand – for better or for worse

» The Story of David and Doctor Zuzana

» Besides the relationship of an adoptive parent – adoptive daughter, we have become friends and buddies

» Mum Magdalena, always know that Rose loves you dearly

» Experience gained during the 15 years would make for a long book

» Jenipher story – to help like this is not only giving presents, education helps people to go further

» Good people are still alive, and that's cool finding!

» School Project Distant Adoption

» Giving over taking and helping others

» Thanks to the project, I gained respect for myself

» A 5-year old Klara back then has grown to a very beautiful 20 year old self-confident woman. She has a boy-friend, studies that she enjoys and lives a worthy youth.

» Simon story

» We get the most important key in life, and that is education

» It is important to cooperate with the community and to create a new better life in the place where they are at home.

» Faith, Grace, Diana and Sabina, these are four young ladies who are fulfilling their dreams…

» We are happy we can take care of children from our community

» We were among the first to conclude the adoption agreement

» I would like to thank all of them in the Center Narovinu

» The story of Vinnie and her five-year-old daughter

» The Story of Vivien

» Find 5 Differences…

» Marie and David story

» Alice from the Korogocho slum


» Victor's story

» The story of Derrick